Welcome video

Watch the welcome video from Prof Rocco Barazzoni – ESPEN Chair 

Official Announcement Letter:

Dear ESPEN community,

Almost one year ago we announced our first Virtual ESPEN Congress, due to the many disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. One year later, vaccinations provide the highly-needed confidence that COVID-19 will be overcome, but fundamental problems and uncertainties remain for the coming months as the pandemic is still raging in many parts of the world, including Europe. For this reason, ESPEN has decided to organize a second, fully virtual Congress for 2021.
The decision was again not easy as we are all missing the added value of physical interaction, but the highly rewarding experience of ESPEN Virtual 2020, including a larger-than-ever, record-high participation, provides a strong foundation to build another exciting event this year.
With a big thank you to the Milano team, all of ESPEN will put its best energies and enthusiasm to continue to promote nutritional care through a virtual Congress, committed to disseminating the best science, education, and innovative concepts in our field.
We will aim at creating new opportunities for interaction, further innovations, and initiatives to enhance these exchanges, as well as effective presentation of original findings and new topics through a renewed and updated programme. We are committed to building an enhanced technical platform and tools to ensure fruitful and smooth participation for all.
While we have enhanced the awareness of the importance of nutritional care for COVID-19
patients in the past pandemic year, we need to continue to meet and disseminate our messages on the key role of nutritional care in all fields of patient treatment.
We warmly invite you to join us for the high-quality programme, new sessions, format and networking opportunities planned for ESPEN 2021, and to already start planning your attendance.
We look forward to meeting up again in September to build together another exciting ESPEN Congress!
Best regards,
Rocco Barazzoni, Chair
Cristina Cuerda, General Secretary
Stephane Schneider, Treasurer.